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Bodytalk massage is a flexible customized massage modality working on both phisiological and energetic level. It aims at acheiving the best result through combining the power of differnt western and eastern massages like: Swedish massage, acupressure, reflexology (feet and hands massage), Reiki and aromatherapy.


It is specialy designed to meet your specific needs and problems at the moment. The strength, depth and intensity of the massage strokes is determined by the intuitive perception and sensitivity of the massage professional and your feedback.



Bodytalk massage is a proper tool for:

relaxation and daily stress release;

overall recovery from phisical and mental exhaustion;

detoxification and metabolism improvement;

just stimulation and satisfaction of your senses.


It can also address and help with some specific problems:

sleep desorders;

depression ;


back pain and stiff back;

neck pain and stiff neck;

sciatica or plexopathy;

colds and flus;



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Телефон:098 8811543
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